Zina and the Songbird

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Family Fare

How does a shy and timid princess rescue a beautiful, frightened Songbird from the beastly jailer? How does she help the Songbird save the land from a terrible drought? Can the songbird free up its beautiful voice and bring on the rain? Come and join the excitement, fun and shenanigans.

Ubom! Eastern Cape Drama Company is now in its fourteenth year of contributing to the artistic buzz in the Eastern Cape. The company is excited to present Zina and the Songbird at this year’s National Arts Festival.  Funded by the National Lotteries Commission and Rhodes University, Ubom! is able to create fresh and innovative work that is accessible to all people from all walks of life. Developing future audiences with a deep appreciation and understanding of the arts and theatre is an extremely important endeavour for the Ubom! company.

The story of Zina and the Songbird is captivating and is shared by a local group of talented actors through joyful song and boisterous dance. Ubom!’s well-known stamp of physicality, playfulness and use of puppetry infuses throughout the story.

Zina is just an average and ordinary princess who is called on to do something most extraordinary. She has to rescue the beautiful songbird who is lonely and frightened and imprisoned by the nasty, scary jailer. To do this, Zina must embark on an amazingly adventurous journey, struggling through a land which is parched and gasping for water. The weight of the world is on her shoulders – it is she who has to deliver the only creature who can save the land from the fatal drought.

Although Zina’s mission is serious and although the story conveys the important and urgent message that we all need to conserve and preserve our beautiful land and its wonderful array of creatures, it is all told and done with great fun and shenanigans.

The playful use of audience engagement keeps all ages actively involved from start to finish. Zina cannot fulfil her mission without assistance and she calls on the audience to help her with all manner of things. When success is achieved, it is a shared victory for everyone!

Zina and the Songbird is directed by seasoned Ubom! member Luvuyo Yanta and he is assisted by another well-known Eastern Cape artist – Ntomboxolo Donyeli.



  1. andrewalt2511 1 July 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Wow! Lots of energy and fun. Well polished and really enjoyed it!

  2. Kholeka.zama 2 July 2017 at 12:05 am

    The venue is World class fitting for a World class show. Captivating and engaging for the little people and the parents alike. Awesome 🎭

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