Your Perfect Life

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12+ (ML)

Language: Eng Afr
Director: Sue Diepeveen
Written By: Faeron Wheeler, Erika Marais
Featured Artists: Erika Marais, Faeron Wheeler
Company: F Creations

Designers: Ridar Cerff and Tatum Cochrane
Stage manager: Casey Diepeveen

A woman should have it all – a career and a family! But what if you don’t? Karlien and Caitlyn are at their 20-year reunion, bracing for the “What have you been up to?” questions. One has the family, the other the career. Neither is sure they have what they want.

Ever noticed how a woman is now expected to have a fulfilling career at the same time as raising a family? Really, she should have it all and be happy that she is now not only able to but expected to achieve everything. Add to this the stress of a 20-year high school reunion and you have two women stuck wondering whether or not their lives are a success.

F Creations is proud to present Your Perfect Life – a tale of two real women, doing things their way. It’s a loosely autobiographical story, inspired by the lives of the writers and performers: Erika Marais and Faeron Wheeler. They play Karlien and Caitlyn, who were close friends in high school but attending different universities and having to make grown up decisions just got in the way. It’s now twenty years later and they couldn’t be more different. One woman has the family, the other the career. Neither one is sure that they have what they want.

As the one-time friends reminisce about their high school years, ex-boyfriends and all the fun they had, it’s almost hard to imagine that they haven’t kept in touch. Your Perfect Life is a poignant and funny look at how life can take unexpected turns and how society judges us for dealing with it the best way we can.

The idea for this play first sparked when the two real-life friends were struck time and again by how close they were despite leading such vastly different lives. They also regularly have a good eye roll at how society judges women for not managing to do it all. It’s a conversation the pair have had many times and turning it into a play seemed like the natural progression.

Marais and Wheeler teamed up in 2018 to bring Jam Every Other Day to audiences around the Western Cape and at the National Arts Festival. Last year they were writer, performer (Marais) and producer (Wheeler). This year, they’re sharing the stage and couldn’t be more excited about bringing this original piece to NAF audiences.

As a testament to women for women, director Sue Diepeveen has helped steer Your Perfect Life from conversations over catch-up coffees to a thoughtful, funny and truthful take on women’s lives. We all know that other people’s lives aren’t perfect, but we can’t help thinking that somehow, they are.

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  1. phillipmarais747 2 July 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Real life issues are dealt with in a humorous and animated show. Insightful to see from a man’s perspective. I loved it.

  2. lynne.j.quick 3 July 2019 at 9:11 am

    A wonderfully funny and poignant take on how friends can drift apart, live very different lives and come back together and reconnect by realising that no one’s life is perfect. Great performances by both of the actors!

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