You Suck and Other Inescapable Truths

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All (12+)

Language: English
Director: Francesco Nassimbeni
Written By: Klara van Wyk
Featured Artists: Klara van Wyk
Company: Klara van Wyk

The award-winning show documents the spirited misadventures of a Grade 9
Afrikaans underdog and her crucial survival-advice, as a minority in an
Anglophile high school. Pretina de Jager will offer expert tips on how
to: hashtag like a celeb, crush the mean girl mafia, and twerk your way
through teen angst.


One Comment

  1. christian.coetzee.25 5 July 2018 at 9:09 pm

    A beautiful coming-of-age story, with a ton of heart and incredible relevance to the younger and current generation. Explores the cruelty of high school in thought-provoking fun.

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