When Lion Had Wings

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Family Fare

When Lion Had Wings is an ancient Khoi Khoi myth about over coming fear to take back personal power and discover our talents. It uses daring stilt characterizations, animal masks, original music and Nama language to tell this traditional folktale. The characters are archetypal and story is universal. The story starts in ancient times when all the animals lived in fear of Lion who could fly. However some tricky Frogs reveal that Lion’s magic is hidden beneath a pile of bones. The Frogs challenges Lion’s greed and lead the animals to discover their talents and restore the balance of nature. This cultural story of the Khoi Khoi is made accessible cultivating a sense of common heritage and social cohesion.

The production is designed with stilt costumes and half masks that speak to the combined animal and human characters from Khoisan mythology. Live music composed for drums and voices reflects a modern African interpretation of Khoisan music. This live unplugged soundscape builds mood and atmosphere and provides opportunities for musicians to guide the piece spontaneously during performance. The performers use a combination of English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and Nama, a Khoi Khoi language.

Jungle Theatre Company has developed a style of theatre that is based in clowning, draws from different cultures is presentational, visual, musical, inter active, accessible, powerfully inhabits outdoor spaces and is ideal for a family audience.

“The humour, honesty and talent that made ‘Butterfly Dreams’ makes me excited to see what Jungle will cook up next for lucky South African audiences.’ Kyla Davis, National Arts Festival 2016


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