What you don't see: A journey of mind reading, mystery, & magic

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All ages

Language: Eng
Director: Andrew Klazinga
Written By: Andrew Klazinga
Featured Artists: Andrew Klazinga
Company: What you don't see: A journey of mind reading, mystery, & magic

Andrew is an experienced mentalist and magician from Cape Town who has performed his craft throughout Africa. Using psychology, illusion, and some devious trickery, Andrew is able to create an experience you do not want to miss! Coming from a sold out run in Cape Town, his new show explores the spaces where reality and the impossible meet and produce wonder. You will experience life through the lens of the impossible and what you don’t see may change how you see the world. Prepare for an entertaining journey filled with mind reading, mystery, and magic.

Andrew is a graduate of the College of Magic and a member of both the 86-year-old Cape Magician’s Circle and The Cape Town Magic Club. His first one man show, “f I really did have powers…(it would look something like this)” was featured at the 2017 Cape Town Fringe Festival, and the 2018 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. For this show he was presented with the College of Magic’s prestigious Silver Medallion Award. He was also part of both the season 6 and season 7 of Monday Night Magic at the V&A Waterfront and Artscape Theatre. Recently he became the annual 2018 Daelin Trophy winner at the Cape Magician’s Circle.

He loves to create fascinating pieces of illusions involving mind reading while having fun interacting with people on stage. Mentalism is a very personal art form as every performance is completely unique and no two people are the same. It involves story and mystery blending together through a maze of the performer’s architecture that concludes in a feeling of astonishment and surprise like no other.

“He creates moments of delight for the audience members as they watch the magic unfold, which sometimes occurs in their very hands while Klazinga is on the other side of the room.” – Mandy J Watson, entertainment reviewer.




  1. louise-7281 1 July 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Highly entertaining, his abilities will blow your mind. He had never met us, and correctly named a childhood friend we were thinking about. Really worth it

  2. ick625 3 July 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Andrew was a charming and endearing musician. Swiftly moving from one trick to another, he keeps you constantly engaged. I left enchanted.

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