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Creativate Exhibitions

Featured Artists: Sanjin Muftic
Company: Creativate

Presenter: Sanjin Muftic

Sanjin Muftic will discuss and launch the app for latest his artwork – Ukubekindlebe, creating the opportunity to hear an imagined past. The past in question: the 1819 Battle of Grahamstown. By walking through the streets of Makhanda with your phone, you’ll be notified of nearby conversations to eavesdrop on. Moving closer to these locations will put you alongside people from two centuries ago. What if the outcome of the battle had been different? How can an alternate history be re-imagined through a contemporary lens?

ukubekindlebe is a geo-triggered audio walk.  Hear the story of 200 years ago told by the voices of today. To experience the walk you will need a smartphone, headphones/earphones and the Echoes app.

  • Make sure your location services are turned on and you have access to WIFI or data.
  • Search for “ECHOES interactive sound walks” in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and download the app (alternatively visit their website
  • Launch the app and create a free account (or sign-in via your Facebook or Google accounts)
  • Allow the app to use your location services.
  • Select the ukubekindlebe walk closest to your location as shown on the app. 
  • You can choose to download or stream the walk (tip: download the full walk while you have WIFI access) and when ready, click START. 
Walk Starting Location
Town Village Green
Monument Ntsikana Gallery
Fingo Fingo Public Library
Joza Noluthando Hall


Creativate Digital Arts Festival 2019


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