The New Creative Utopias

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Creativate Talks
All ages

Language: English
Company: Creativate

Presenter: Julius Wiedemann
Company: TASCHEN GmbH

The 21st century is presenting us the challenge of hyperactive possibilities at the same time we are faced with boredom. The future we imagined a century ago is now a reality, and more of ten than not a reality that exceeded expectations. How do we move on from here creatively, finding our talent, and applying it (and maybe exceed again the expectations of) our next utopia. From political divisions to unified willing to survive, it is a challenge like no other. And a perfect task for creative professionals with all types of expertise. What are the luxuries of the future, and what is in it that will definitely change. Are these the concept of family and relationship? Is it how we work and feed ourselves? What about privacy and experimentation, about learning and mental health? Let’s embrace the next generation of utopias and use the tools we ought to create to shape a new future.

Creativate Digital Arts Festival 2019


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