The MissAdventures of the Gender-Femberbenders

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Music Theatre
18+ (SPM)

Language: Eng Afr
Director: Andre Dellow
Featured Artists: Juan Enslin, Justin Jacobs
Company: AFDA JHB

A Drag Cabaret.

Jenny Rator, the infamous diva and long-time performer at Club Q receives shocking news that the owner is considering replacing her with the younger and progressive down-right abrasive Mitzy! What’s more is that the arrogant know-it-all Mitzy has to be mentored by Jenny! The nerve! The shade! The Music!


One Comment

  1. batten 30 June 2019 at 9:01 pm

    What a treat – being greeted by the beautiful Matthew in drag…followed by a performance that juxtaposed energy and the past, subtlely made me question my own views on drag queens and underscored the richness that diversity brings. A refreshing and energetic performance worthy of pride and praise!

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