The Invisible Exhibition

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Creativate Exhibitions

Featured Artists: William Kentridge, Marcus Neustetter, Mbongeni Fakudze, Fatima Tayob Moosa, Lady Skollie, Grace Mokalapa, Io Makandal, Cow Mash, Blessing Ngobeni, and Anastasia Pather
Company: Creativate

Presenting company: TMRW with The Centre for the Less Good Idea (Augmented Reality Exhibition)

The second iteration of The Invisible Exhibition will feature 10 of its augmented reality artworks at the Creativate Digital Arts Festival. A collaboration of TMRW and The Centre for the Less Good Idea and co-curated by Phala Ookeditse Phala and David April, the work emerged out of Season 5 of The Centre for the Less Good Idea.

Created using Tilt Brush, the augmented reality artworks will be presented through a specially developed app loaded onto tablets. The app enables audiences to effortlessly scroll through, and experience, William Kentridge’s Typewriter, Marcus Neustetter’s The Observatory, Mbongeni Fakudze’s Rhythm, Fatima Tayob Moosa’s Phases of Connection, Lady Skollie’s Watch The Expulsion, Grace Mokalapa’s Mysterious Forms – GB698, Io Makandal’s The Grit and The Pearl, Cow Mash’s Udder Storm, Blessing Ngobeni’s Pierced Scars and Anastasia Pather’s You’re an obstacle, You’re not a man.

Traditional forms of art and performance are reimagined through free-spirited, transdisciplinary collaboration and the alternative realities made possible by technology.

Creativate Digital Arts Festival 2019



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