Swarm Theory

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Performance Art
All ages

Language: Non-verbal
Director: Kyla Davis and Daniel Buckland
Company: Well Worn Theatre Company

‘Open, spontaneous, organic … the swarm envelops all it touches.’

Swarm Theory
1. (Biology) the collective behaviour of a group of living organisms, esp social insects such as ants, bees, and termites, that are each following very basic rules,
2. (Computer Science) an artificial-intelligence approach to problem solving using algorithms based on the self-organising collective behaviour of social insects.

SWARM THEORY is a playful theatrical investigation into the possibilities of collective human intelligence. Swarming the streets of Makhanda, an agglomeration of physical performers engage with their environment as a single collaborative organism, exploring the street corners, green spaces and market places of life. Each swarming is unplanned, immediate, dynamic and unique to its ecosystem of sounds, smells, rhythms and people. The swarm manifests a group mind — self sufficient, yet undirected and unpredictable, an adaptive, self-organising critical mass at the edge of chaos.

*Please note that the Swarm is a roving performance so the locations given are general starting places. We will give a more accurate starting point for each performance closer to the time. Watch our social media feeds for more info.

Created and directed by Well Worn Theatre Co’s Kyla Davis and physical theatre practitioner and theatre maker Daniel Buckland.

Well Worn Theatre Co is a physical theatre company with a strong environmental ethos.

Well Worn Theatre Company


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