Spirit of ’76

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Visual Art
Monument Façade

Company: Berni Searle

This year’s Featured Artist Beni Searle has used her signature technique of submerging crêpe paper in liquid to create imagery for four new flags, presented on the flag poles opposite the entrance to the Monument building. The source images references the British colonial presence in what is often referred to as ‘frontier’ territory in the Eastern Cape. The installation comes alive after sunset, when Searle’s SPIRIT OF ’76 is projected onto a large screen suspended above the main entrance. This 2007 video, commissioned for an exhibition in Philadelphia, is accompanied by a digitally filtered version of Richard Wagner’s American Centennial March, commissioned by the city of Philadelphia, celebrating the 1776 American independence from the British. Of course, for a South African audience, a more immediate association with the title would be the student protests of 1976. How are all these historical moments interlinked, interwoven and interdependent?

SPIRIT OF ’76 was commissioned by Philagraphika for the exhibition ‘Re:Print Re:Present Re:View’, Philadephia, 2007.

Book for an art walkabout with the artist and/or curator on 28 June, 3 and 6 July at 18:00.



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