Snow White

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Visual Art
Rhodes School of Fine Art Studio Gallery 1

Company: Berni Searle

The first video Berni Searle made was Snow White, commissioned for an exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2001. Hypothetically, if the video was a person, she would turn 18 this year, and would be able to vote in this year’s elections, 25 years into democracy. For this exhibition, Searle invites students from the Rhodes University School of Fine Art to make work, curate a show, and write texts in dialogue with Snow White. It asks questions like ‘What part do artists of Searle’s generation play in the minds of art students today?’ ‘What is the place of video art in 2019 and beyond?’ ‘In what ways have the issues raised by Searle shifted or not shifted in the intervening years?’ ‘What to make of the aesthetic sensibilities and representational forms of Searle’s performative work in the contemporary landscape?’ and ‘How might one subvert or extend the terms of these debates?’

Snow White was commissioned by the Forum for African Arts for the exhibition ‘Authentic/Ex-centric’ at the 49th Venice Biennale, 2001.

Book for an art walkabout with the artist and/or curator on 29 June at 12:00, 2 JULY at 14:00 and 3 JULY at 12:00.



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