Pieces of An African Drum

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10+ (M)

Language: English
Director: Simpiwe Kaya
Written By: Xolisa Ngubelanga
Featured Artists: Xolani Ngesi, Fiks Mahola
Company: Jo Kinda - The Persevering People

Two Zimbabweans have made it across the border. What of themselves are they willing to part with to merge with South African society? Their clan names and totems ‘mutupo’ are not known in this new land.

To survive they join a gang of illegal miners on the hills of Johannesburg’s mine dumps. One of the men, Mhofu, is a prophet – he is struck by a fit as his ancestral spirit takes over him: there’s a secret that the ancestors are communicating. He must decide which is worth digging for: gold or his ancestral truth?

They dig closer and closer towards the bones of ancient men. Men who first boarded the train that took them from their native Zimbabwe to work on the mines of a city founded on exploitation. Prophet is immediately connected to the bones; his companion couldn’t care less about the graves, he wants gold. The two must decide which is more important: the bones of an ancestor or gold?



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