Mamba Republic

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Set Designer: Mervyn McMurtry

They’re back!

Mamba Republic is a rapid-paced satirical sketch-comedy. Re-uniting the talents of Ben Voss (Beauty Ramapelepele) and John van de Ruit (Spud), Mamba Republic takes a savagely funny look at all that is wrong, and very wrong, in the Rainbow Nation.

“It is awesome to be back on stage with Johnny bringing our third Mamba show to life. Scripting it has been such a laugh, and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the country!” an enthusiastic Voss stated.

With their unique blend of sharp wit, hopeless optimism and clever characterisation, the duo sinks their fangs into the fiascos, farces and foibles of South African life. Whether it is their unique take on fees must fall, state capture, online dating, the economy, sport, technology, casual racism, an alternative national anthem, or even the most unusual football match in living memory, Mamba Republic will have you rolling in the aisles at the utter absurdity of life at the foot of Africa.

Internationally acclaimed author, van de Ruit said, “Fellow Saffas, you are in for a treat! It has been said before that we, as South Africans, are really good at laughing at the state of our nation. We will be reminding audiences how much there is to laugh at … and adding a bit of a ‘Mamba’ twist.”

Mamba Republic follows in the footsteps of Green Mamba (2002) and Black Mamba (2005), which together racked up over 800 performances in five years, winning numerous awards and developing a cult following throughout Southern Africa.



  1. Julia.dougherty.leroux 5 July 2017 at 5:25 pm

    excellent, a lot of very good laughs and really fresh material

  2. vicki-2994 7 July 2017 at 1:10 pm

    A lot of the skits were very funny. Ben’s talent is truly exceptional. A treat to watch him.

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