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Artistic Team: Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe and Wesley Maherry

‘A State of Being’, a tireless pursuit for self-righteousness’, a fine line of I, a last breath before the fall and rise. A monstrous silence of waves beating the shore, leaving humming tunes. Inspired by the physicality, spirituality, power, pride of a ‘person’.

Fall, rise, gasp for the last breath. Charge for factory, Pride I, I am…

He/she is thunder/storm, a wave of breath trying to escape his presence, like a poison striking in silence. Rigid like a tree trunk; Self-confidence!

Fear to others can be communicated in many forms, like animals producing specific sounds or like body language, a King standing there without any words, his eyes penetrating, saying fear me, respect me, obey me, I am, I am. Like a snake showing weakness, playing dead and striking when not expected and nothing exists except him/her.

A power of a symphonic I, pushing and waving its path, in total control. Like many before him/her, he/she falls and rises like a phoenix with pride.

This is KonKoriti: ‘self-praise, self-I, self righteousness’.




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