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Performance Art

Language: isiisiXhosa, English
Director: Chuma Sopotela (SA)
Featured Artists: Chuma Sopotela (SA), Ahmed Tobasi (Palestine) & Bongo Nikani (SA)
Company: Asanda Chuma Sopotela

Please meet at RAW Spot Gallery on the corner of Rhodes and Lucas avenues. The audience will be led up Gunfire Hill to the Monument. The performance ends at 6pm. Note: the walk is steep and not wheelchair accessible. Admission is free and you do not need a ticket. Donations welcome.

Chuma Sopotela is the 2018 Standard Bank Young Artist for Performance Art

Artist Statement

INDLULAMTHI is the isiXhosa word for a giraffe but, in direct translation, it also means ‘the ones who are taller than the trees’. I would like to use this image to celebrate the children of Grahamstown – The ones whom we see the streets every time we go to buy our tickets for shows; the ones we pass by on our way to our warm res beds, who stand in the biting cold to get a bit of our attention for a one rand coin.
The work will speak to the relationship with our economy and the lives of these children. I would like to look at what human beings choose to pay attention to: what we choose to look at and pay forward. There is a lot of shifting of blame in our country at the moment at the expense of others’ suffering.
I would like with this piece to challenge our thinking of currency; and the connection between people. I will be working with the children of Grahamstown together with a few of my friends, both local and international artists. Together, we will create a performance art piece on the streets of Grahamstown. The piece will use video, sound and performance elements. At height, Indlulamthi will be almost a statue element, which will then dissolve into nothingness again.


Director and performer: Chuma Sopotela (SA)
Co-Producers: Natasa Zavolovšek (Slovenia) & Phola Motsumi (SA)
Technical Director & Lighting Design: Borut Bučinel (Slovenia)
Video and Sound: Davor Sanvicenti (Croatia)
Costume Designer: Shiba Sopotela (SA)
Stage Manager: Owen Manamela-Mogane (SA)
Dramaturge: Kabi Thulo (SA)
Performers: Ahmed Tobasi (Palestine) & Bongo Nikani (SA)

Supported by the Ministry for Culture, Slovenia, and the City of Ljubljana Co-production: The National Arts Festival & Exodos Ljubljana




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