In Situ

All exhibitions are open daily from 9am to 5pm for the full duration of the Festival, unless stated differently below. Entrance is free. You do not need a ticket.

Visual Art
All ages
Red Foyer, Rhodes Theatre
09:00 - 17:00

Language: English
Featured Artists: Mira Calix, Daniel Pioro (violin), Eloisa Fleur (violin), Oliver Wilson (viola), Clare O’Connell (cello), Kathryn Thomas (flute), Sam Wilson (percussion), Stuart King (clarinet Bflat & bass), Richard Jones (viola), Mandhira de Saram (violin), Patrick Dawkins (violin), Val Welbanks (cello)
Company: Mira Calix

Artist: Mira Calix
Producer: Alexia Menikou
Scientific Advisors: David Rothery (Interplanetary geologist) and Rick Miles (Sonographer)
Recorded and Rehearsed: Metropolis Studio / Goldsmiths Studio London
Sound Engineer: Soundintermedia
Sonification Specialist: Shelly Knotts
Sonification consultants: Nick Ryan / Edward Handley
Amanuensis: Emily Hall

The installation modulates between two places, the womb, the most rooted position in human scale, while the planets are as far beyond our situation as we can envisage

In Situ is the development and recontextualising of two audiovisual artworks that use data to inform musical composition. The materials of study are a foetus in utero and the planet Mercury – neither of which are visible to the naked eye. To truly perceive them, we must turn to the objective scientific eye, to methodologies that allow us to view and map these places. It is the transmission of data, zeros and ones, that fabricate these monochrome images.

Mira Calix has gathered imaging data by collaborating with specialists in their respective fields – ultrasound and interplanetary geology. Using her custom software, she has transformed the data of foetal activity and a simulated journey over Mercury from the visual to the sonic. Watching the films requires an act of continuous inference, the score correlates to the temporal, spatial and frequency resolution of the visual. What you see informs what you hear.

Award-winning artist and composer Mira Calix was born in South Africa but is based in the UK. Music and sound, which she considers sculptural material, are at the centre of her practice.

Book now for an art walkabout with the artist and/or curator on 10:00 29 June,12:00 30 June,16:00 3 July. 

Commissioners and Partners: Merck/Sound UK / Live Music Sculpture / RWV Trust / Builders Club / / Radical Media / The Open University /General Electric


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