Human Pieces II

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2017 Standard Bank Ovation Award Winner

An oddly related brother and a sister are locked in a room. Enjoying her brother’s company in an unnatural way, the sister has no intentions of leaving the room. The brother, however, is trying desperately to find the missing key in order to leave – his life may depend on it.

The sister, however, has no intentions of leaving the room. She obsessively cherishes the bonding session with her brother in a very unnatural way and does not listen to reason. With excessive jealousy over her brother’s outside girlfriend and psychotic abandonment issues, the sister has no intention of helping her brother find the key. Besides, knowing who the holder of the key is, she knows any attempt to look for it is a waste of time.

The brother can’t find the key and their only source of communication – the brother’s magical walky talky – seems to be dysfunctional to say the least. Help from the outside seems to be wishful thinking. The room starts shaking and the bulldozing process has begun – will the sister start listening to reason now? With a third party entering their space and circumstances, and with her being the only one to know the whereabouts of the key – will she eventually decide to contribute to saving the day?

This production, being borderline surrealistic and scratching the surface of existentialism typically found in the theatre of the absurd, is driven by nonsensical dialogue and conflict of interest between a brother and a sister with an unnatural relationship. These two characters are portrayed by the highly talented and skilled performers – Calvin Ratladi (Brother) and Zinhle Mbokane (Sister); and is written and Directed by Mariska Denysschen (Most Promising Director award National Arts Festival 2015 student festival). A highly anticipated production for lovers of surrealism and absurd theatre – not to be missed!

Production Art Work and Original Music done by Ruan Denysschen/ Roo’s Art. Original music featuring Mariska Denysschen, Zinhle Mbokane and Calvin Ratladi.

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