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Visual Art
All ages
Rhodes School of Fine Art Studio Gallery 1

Language: English
Company: Luke Kaplan

The sense of being in place – the landscape, feelings, and textures of the Eastern Cape Karoo landscape – are strongly evoked 

HINTERLAND is, in part, a response to the environmental threat posed by extractive mining to the Karoo. The work documents the land and environment as a unique place at a critical moment in time. It is also a study of how a physical landscape can resonate with an inner, psychic landscape.

The body of work incorporates ritual and performance as core elements of creative practice, and so stands as a series of intensely private performances presented as photographs. Images were taken using a large-format homemade wooden camera, and printed by hand.

Photography is used both to document the performance as well as to form a central element of the performance. A series of small clay spheres, containing a plant, animal or insect specimens found in the Karoo, offsets the larger photographs.

Luke Kaplan is an artist and photographer whose practice concerns itself with landscape and history, in particular how people, through interaction and through time, form an identity with the natural world in which they move.

Book an art walkabout with the artist and/or curator on 28 June 10:00; 1 July 12:00; 2 July 12:00

This project was partly funded by a grant from the National Arts Council


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