Helen of Troyeville

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A brilliant actress, an award-winning writer and an exciting new director (When Swallows Cry) team up in this poetic reflection on the complexities of contemporary South Africa. In the twilight of her life, and with a strong passion to live, a grandmother finds herself in a life-threatening situation, forcing her to reflect on her life.


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  1. mrced709 6 July 2017 at 9:00 am

    This was simply amazing! I think it should be filmed and broadcast as I believe all of South Africa should see this beautiful, reflective piece of theatre.

    I believe this play did not only broaden our minds but help us see things from another perspective (which we often resist). It made some (mostly white) members of the audience uncomfortable and received plenty “appreciation” from the “woke” brothers and sisters. I almost even shed a tear.

    Such work urge us (South Africans) to be more tolerant and to do better.

    “Helen” rightfully deserved the standing ovation she received. 😁

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