Emathongeni (Visions)

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Language: Eng SA Lang
Director: Mkhululi Mabija
Choreographer: Bisi Bangiwe Ka Jobela
Featured Artists: Fatima Lande, Onalenna Lemphote, Vuyelwa Kase, Winnie Selemogo
Company: Amandla Dança Teatro ZA

EMATHONGENI is a coming-of-age story that centres around a young girl named Nomathongo. Nomathongo, who has been gifted special powers by Yoruba orishas and African ancestors. She is kidnapped by dark forces who want to steal her light. She manages to escape but is led onto a path that takes her on a journey through dreams, wars, redemption and forgiveness. She comes out on the other end a stronger girl.

An orisha is a spirit who reflects one of the subordinate manifestations of the supreme divinity in the Yoruba religion. Orisha are said to have existed in the invisible world and lived as human beings in the planetary world. Others are said to be humans who are recognized as deities due to extraordinary feat. Many orishas have found their way to most of the New World (The Americas) as a result of the Atlantic slave trade and are now expressed in practices as varied as Santería, Candomblé, Trinidad Orisha, Umbanda, and Oyotunji, among others.

These youngsters from Kimberley who form up Amandla Danca Teatro will showcase melodic Setswana, IsiXhosa, English, Yoruba, SeSotho inspired songs and a variety of dance and dance styles, mostly from Africa. These youngsters will also express the magic that roams amongst our everyday lives in Africa and present it in the most stunningly visual and melodic tones in this exciting new musical.


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Standard Bank Ovation Awards 2018



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