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A dining room table with chairs is placed in the middle of a room. The table is set for five and on each plate is placed a VR headset and headphones. You sit down, put on the headset and headphones, and instantly you establish a connection between the perceived and the perceiver, between fiction and reality, between then and now, as seen from each different perspective.

The duration of the connection is 20 minutes.

  • Cast: Sophie Stougaard, Benjamin Engell, Sebastian Teschemacher, Katrine Bruun, Ole Boise
  • Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen
  • Producer: Mads Damsbo



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One Comment

  1. boissoucoryse 30 June 2018 at 9:31 am

    Interesting experience, as each character has his own point of view.
    But the virtual reality can make you quite dizzy! (you can close one, or two, eyes)

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