Children's Creative Writing Workshop

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Jeannie’s writing workshops will explore the infinite possibilities to be found when you sit down with a pad, a pencil and your imagination. With the help of prompts, pictures and examples from books and poems, she’ll take kids aged 6 to 15 on a journey into their own fantastical, exciting, gripping and even mysterious stories, and help them to unlock their imaginations in all kinds of creative ways.

Jeannie Wallace McKeown has been writing creatively since she was a child, and has never lost the sense of excitement it brings, even though she now has two children of her own, three cats and an MA in Creative Writing from Rhodes University.


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  1. beccyza July 7, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    We wrote about we felt when we thought of a colour and we wrote two short stories. I had an excellent time.

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