Carnival Sideshow and Other Magical Things

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Language: Eng
Director: Brendon Peel
Written By: Brendon Peel , Li Lau
Featured Artists: Brendon Peel ,Li Lau, Phillip Blunt
Company: Brendon Peel

This festival join the award winning mentalist and magician Brendon Peel perform alongside Sideshow escape artist extraordinaire and world record setter Li Lau in their highly successful show “Carnival Sideshow and Other Magical Things

Catch the Port Elizabethan duo as they take you on a journey through the realms of both magic and sideshow. The show is filled with magic tricks, danger, classic sideshow routines, escapes and never before seen stunts. These are the types of feats that most people do not get an opportunity to watch live, but this festival you have the perfect opportunity to witness these feats in front of your very eyes.

This show is truly something different from what you are used to. Brendon Peel’s witty sense of humour and cutting edge magic will keep all ages engaged and entertained, and Li Lau’s insane stunts will make you question the realms of what is possible or real.

The show premiered last year at the Grahamstown (Makhanda) National Arts Festival, to great success and critical acclaim.



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