Carinus Fine Art Collective

All exhibitions are open daily from 9am to 5pm for the full duration of the Festival, unless stated differently below. Entrance is free. You do not need a ticket.

Visual Art
All ages
Johan Carinus Art Centre
09:00 - 17:00

Director: Michele Kloppers
Featured Artists: Peter Midlane, Tori Stowe, Roddy Fox, Richard Pullen, Jacqueline Griffith-Jones and others
Company: Johan Carinus Art Centre

AS usual an excellent range of artworks by well-known artists can be viewed at the Johan Carinus Art Centre. This year you will be able to view work by Peter Midlane, Monique Rorke, Roddy Fox, Richard Pullen, Lindi Lombard, Tony Swift, Lucas Bambo, Tori Stowe, Heidi Salzwedel and Jacqueline Griffiths-Jones. The works are exhibited in beautiful Heritage buildings and large gardens enhancing the viewing experience.


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