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Featuring Ameera Patel

Director & Designer: Jade Bowers
Composer: Daniel Geddes
Production Co-ordinator: Lakin Morgan-Baatjies

Adapted from Blacks of Cape Town by CA Davids by Penelope Youngleson

Presented in association with POPArt

Standard Bank Young Artist for Theatre 2016, Jade Bowers presents Black an adaptation of CA Davids’ Blacks of Cape Town by Penelope Youngleson (winner of the Standard Bank Gold Ovation award for Sillage).

Historian, Zara Black, far from home, is woken by music that evokes memories she has been trying to forget. It is this call from her father – seemingly from beyond the grave – that finally pushes Zara to accept that it falls to her to understand the occurrences that forced her away from Cape Town.

In the officious letter from the South African government, Zara learns that documents once sealed and implicating her father in an act (which, while not clearly defined, was committed against the anti-apartheid movement decades earlier) will soon be released to the public. The letter becomes the start of a journey into Zara’s past.

This unearthing of the past begins with Isaiah Black the grandfather that ‘started it all’ when he stole a handful of diamonds from one of the mines in Kimberley. This act, however, is overshadowed by what the family acknowledges as the greater crime – concealing his race (Isaiah was ‘mixed race’) to escape the harsh realities of the mines before abandoning his mother and ultimately changing his name to Isaiah Black. A name that, according to granddaughter, Zara is not without irony, because, ‘…Her grandfather, self-named Isaiah Black, had been classified as mixed, had passed as white and given rise to a line of Coloured children and grandchildren.’

The narrative, in split chapter form, shifts between past and present – from New Jersey where Zara finds herself alone and displaced, to South Africa of the past and present. Her task is great and she grapples with constructing a history for herself and her family from between fragmented recollections and family lore.

All photographs are by Jan Potgieter from Stage Focus

Presented on the National Arts Festival Arena with the support of Business and Arts South Africa

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