Artivism: The Role of the Black Consciousness Movement in the Arts

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Company: Kitso Seti, University of Cape Town

The Black Consciousness Movement, from the early 1970s, played a big role in raising Black people’s consciousnesses in South Africa through various aspects of the arts, particularly theatre. Artivism is a word made up of Arts and Activism. It serves as an amalgamation of the arts and politics; an Artivist uses one’s art to resist against an oppressive system. The
likes of Matsemela Manaka denoted that an inclusion of politics in art does not make art less arty. Art is an expression of life and reality, we use art to portray the times we live in. Art is not stagnant, it moves with time. This discussion, comprising a panel of current arts practitioners and academics, will look at how theatre, when mixed with politics plays a role in mobilising people to answer the call of fighting against oppression.

Kitso Seti from the University of Cape Town joins other panellists in debating this question.


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