Another World: World War I Remembered

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12+ (M)

Language: Eng
Director: Rohan Quince
Written By: Jeremy Fogg, Rohan Quince
Featured Artists: Jeremy Fogg, Rohan Quince, Lynette Marais
Company: Another World: World War I Remembered

2019 marks one hundred years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles which formally brought to an end World War I. Nowadays we tend to wonder how the European powers stumbled into a war that afflicted people from all over the world and resulted in the senseless slaughter of millions. But what were people of the time thinking?
This presentation will capture some of these perceptions, partly through the poetry, letters and memoirs of well-known figures like Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, Vera Brittain , Robert Graves, Olive Schreiner, Deneys Reitz and SEK Mqhayi, but also through diary entries and letters written by ordinary men and women caught up in what Owen called “the War and the pity of War”.
The compilers of this presentation are Rohan Quince and Jeremy Fogg who were responsible for the production of the two-man show What the Dickens! on the NAF Fringe in 2017. In the presentation last year entitled Remembering World War I, in the Film and Ideas segment of NAF 2018, they were joined by the well-known National Arts Festival personality Lynette Marais. These three are reunited in presenting the current production which has been modified to include a glance at the Versailles Treaty, signed on 28 June 1919.


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  1. perks 30 June 2019 at 10:31 am

    Meticulously researched & perfectly recited, this is war seem through the lens of those who were there. Particularly enjoyed the inclusion of Carol Duffy.

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