A Place in the Sun

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Visual Art
Gallery in the Round

Company: Berni Searle

A PLACE IN THE SUN is a new multi-channel video installation, commissioned by the National Arts Festival and supported by the Maitland Institute, where this year’s Featured Artist, Berni Searle, has been working as artist-in-residence. Encountering a decommissioned municipal swimming pool in Maitland, Searle was drawn to the stark contrast between what could be imagined of its former glory and the current state of its crumbling walls, facades and spaces, which people occasionally move in and out of. The new work represents an engagement with place, memory and time in which lived realities within particular urban landscapes are explored and various futures imagined.

Book for an Art Walkabout with the artist and/or curator on 28 June at 12:00, 30 June at 10:00 and 4 July at 10:00.


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