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Language: Eng
Director: Avril Cummins
Written By: Avril Cummins
Featured Artists: Avril Cummins
Company: HeyJanice Productions

Tuck into a feast of exquisite shadow puppetry: 2Dee explores the spectacular
versatility of this ancient art-form through a collection of poetry and short stories.
Prepare to be captivated and delighted by the meeting of light and shadow and
charmed by the improvised poetry and hilarious audience participation. Avril
Cummins will leave you wondering why we ever thought we needed three dimensions.


One Comment

  1. jjwestraadt 8 July 2019 at 11:01 am

    We really weren’t happy with our decision to watch this show. The concept was good, and it had a lot of potential. But it was so poorly executed that we desperately wanted to get up and leave after only a few minutes.

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