Performance Venues

Albany Cabaret Club
Alec Mullins
Atherstone Room
B2 Arena
 Beethoven room 2016 sq
Beethoven Room
Bowling Club
Centenary Hall
City Hall
commemoration_church DrillHall2016 sq glennie_fest
Commemoration Church
Dicks in the monument 
Drill Hall
Glennie Fest
GraemeCollege2016 sq  GrahamHotel2016 sq
Glennie Hall
Graeme College
Graham Hotel
Great Hall
Guy Butler
Library Hall
 NELM Theatre 2016 sq
Masonic Back
Masonic Front
Memory Hall
NELM Theatre
NG Kerk Hall
Nuns Chapel
Princess Alice
RhodesBox2016 sq
Recreation Centre
Rehearsal Room
Rhodes Box
Rhodes Chapel
 rhodes_club RhodesTheatre2016 sq ScoutHall2016 sq Slipstream sq
Rhodes Club
Rhodes Theatre
Scout Hall
st_andrews_studio_1_stage_1 st_andrews_studio_2
St Andrews’ Hall
St Andrews Studio 1
St Andrews Studio 2
The Hangar
Thomas Pringle 2016 sq
The Highlander
Thomas Pringle
Victoria Theatre