Marketing Zone

So you’re bringing a production to Grahamstown? That’s excellent news – we look forward to welcoming you! More importantly, we hope that you leave at the end of Festival with great memories of an extraordinary experience. And we also hope that your production or exhibition does as well as it possibly can.

And so, on the assumption that the creative side is up to you and that you have done the best possible job on creating that amazing show, we have compiled some tips and built some tools that will help you navigate the world of marketing.

All productions, visual artists and filmmakers should complete this online form by no later than 22 February 2019.Productions Marketing Form

Contemporary musicians that have been selected to participate in the Fringe must complete this online form by 22 February 2019.Music Marketing Form

Your essential guide to marketing productions at the Festival – top tips, design guidelines, and details about all the great new platforms we’ve created for artists.Marketing Guide

You can choose to place additional information and images on the Festival website to advertise your production. If you decide on this option, complete the form below.Web ads (optional)

Poster Strip

The following strips have been designed to use on your Fringe and Arena posters. They are for both landscape and portrait-oriented posters, as well as a digital template for those who have booked space on the Festival’s digital poster screens. Download the file you want by right clicking and selecting ‘Save File As’.

Fringe digital template – TV screen posters
Fringe poster template – portrait
Fringe poster template – landscape
Arena digital template – TV screen posters
Arena poster template – portrait
Arena poster template – landscape



Business Card advertising

If you have chosen the business card advertising option, please use the following template when designing your artwork for the front of the business card.