When last did you get something back for doing something you loved? Well we’re rewarding you for being part of the world’s most AMAZ!NG Festival.

When you log on to this website you’ll see an option to sign up to ArtBucks. As an ArtBucks member you will earn 10% of every cent you spend on full price Festival production tickets as a credit (concession tickets and special offers don’t earn credit as you are receiving the discount at the time). Here’s how it works: Every time you buy tickets to a Festival show from our box office or online, flash your ArtBucks card (or make sure you’re logged on so your credit is registered) . Your purchase will be logged on our system. At the end of the Festival we’ll get to work calculating how much credit you’ve earned this year, and we’ll let you know. Once you’re over your initial burst of excitement, it will be decision time: you can choose to bank the credit and use it against the purchase of tickets at next year’s Festival, or you can donate it to the Festival’s Arts Encounter project, which distributes free Festival tickets to Community groups who can’t afford them….so your love of the arts helps others enjoy it too.

ArtBucks membership is absolutely free. Yes, go back and read that line again….free (you didn’t actually read it again, did you?). All you have to do is sign up.

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