Moipone Kubedi of Mystical Creations was kind enough to model her gorgeous dress for us.  Parts of the dress are recycled cotton, newspaper, old photographic negatives, scraps of shweshwe. old buttons and shade cloth for the bag.  Moipone is an insomniac which is a blessing and a curse! She gets alot of her inspiration from pictures that “flash ” in her brain when she is struggling to sleep. She keeps a note pad next to her bed so that she doesn’t lose these visions.

The shell of this dress came to her in one of these visions and the detail was molded on top. It took 10 days to complete. She told me that she would speak to the dress asking it “what do you want  me to do to you here?”

The detail is rich in personal symbolism. The negatives illustrate her need to capture ideas in her busy mind. Her buzzing brain is also shown through the tangled cotton threads. Her Sotho roots also come out through the use of the shweshwe scraps, bringing in the idea of tradition. The chiffon is the bit that for her shows she is also a modern woman.

Transnet kindly sponsored her stall, no 60 in Tent 1. She is selling all her own creations which include clutch bags and beaded jewelery.

Contact her on 082 590 7251 or find out more on her website

Moipone of Mystical Creations

Moipone of Mystical Creations

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    wow. thats beautiful…